Destination Football

The preschool curriculum is directly linked with our Little Devils program which aims to ensure kids forever associate sport with fun and helps build the foundations for their pathway to a healthy lifestyle.

The fast paced and super fun learning environment builds confidence and enables preschoolers to develop as individuals using healthy activity as their platform.

Teaching fundamentals of growth and life skills which include listening, verbal communication, social interaction and team-work as well as motor skills such as hand-eye coordination and balance.

Our professional coaches are fully qualified and highly experienced with younger children. Our Preschool and Little Devils programs are an important first step towards Destination Football!

Go ahead and simply register your preschools interest and we will be in contact to confirm your free clinic.

The primary and high school clinics are part of the Destination Football Program developed by Red Devils Football Academy and is in partnership with Marrickville Football Club. 

The aim of this program is to encourage local children to play football with a local football club through the support and  implementation of appropriate football clinics for all students in the local area. 

We want to encourage as many local kids to play football with their community football club. Not only is our objective to see kids playing football but also to involve as many children as possible with sport and to help guide them to a healthy lifestyle.

The clinics are always fun and educational, with our professional full-time coaches attending all sessions. We will come to your school before, during or after school to conduct the clinics.

The sessions can be run at your before school care group, as part of your school education curriculum or even at your aftercare group.

Go ahead and simply register your schools interest and we will be in contact to confirm your free clinic.


The aim of our free in-school Destination Football Clinics is to provide high quality educational, active and fun football sessions for children of all ages. We are dedicated to providing opportunities for children to enjoy football and to grow their interest in the sport starting with a positive experience in their school.

Our close partnership with Marrickville Football Club enables us to guide and encourage children to join a local and active sports club, then fulfilling the aim of the program by playing football for a local club. We want our next generation playing football on a daily basis and to help make sport a daily habit. This program allows us to educate children on the health benefits of sport and how to go about joining a local community football club.

All you need to do is register your interest for your school to participate in the free in-school program, we will require a contact for the school and we will do the rest!

Our professional coaches are fully qualified and highly experienced with young children. All our programs are are designed for children to arrive at Destination Football!

“Red Devils Football Academy have been part of our school curriculum for over two years now and they continue to deliver a fantastic football program for our school. We can always rely on them for a high quality teaching environment and their program is the talk of the school yard. ”
B. Downton- Head of Sport (International Grammar School)

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